Submit Run

To submit your run, please read the rules, and complete the form below.                                                                                                                                                                
Rules for submitting a run
All submissions are required to have a video with a timer present on screen, or fully visible throughout the run. 
The timer is to be started at the same time the Start button is pressed on the pinball machine. The timer cannot be paused or stopped during the run. The timer ends when the objective is completed (usually when the objective is shown as completed on the display, not necessarily when the last shot is made). LiveSplit is a popular speedrun timer. 
Games must be set to Factory Settings, and have tilt bob installed (free play setting is OK).  
No major modifications to the pinball machine that affect gameplay (rubber bands on outlanes, powerballs installed, slings disabled, tilt mech removed, etc.). Integrity is key. 
Video cannot be paused or stopped during the run.                                                                        
You must clearly declare your Category (objective) before the run begins, either by displaying it on screen, or audibly before pressing the start button.                                                             
New Games/Categories
You can submit a run for a new game or new category, however, the category should be a common objective within the game. Wizard modes, multiballs, and Jackpots are good examples.

If you have questions or are unsure if a new category will be accepted, just contact us.